Employer: VIMM, Veneto Institute of Molecular Medicine
Organization Type: Non-profit
Location: Padua, Italy
Salary: Negotiable
Posted: January 19, 2021
Closing date: March 15, 2021
Discipline: Life Science, Health Sciences
Job Type: Scientific Director

The Veneto Institute of Molecular Medicine (VIMM) seeks candidates to appoint the new Scientific Director. This is a unique opportunity for an accomplished scientist to lead a well-established Institute focused on promoting advanced research and excellence in biomedical sciences. The new Director will guide VIMM at a pivotal moment, poised for growth and innovative research expansion.

VIMM is the research institute of the Foundation for Advanced Biomedical Research (FRBA), a non-profit organization headquartered in Padua, Italy, that promotes cutting-edge research in biomedicine. VIMM is a leading Institute in the Italian biomedical science scenario with a prominent international standing in its core domains: muscle and cardiovascular biology, oncology, neuroscience, mitochondrial medicine and metabolism, bioengineering and technology. The central vision of VIMM is to impact on the progress of medicine and to improve human health through research. To this end, VIMM connects outstanding basic and translational scientists and fosters the growth of young independent investigators. The institute is strategically located close to the Life Sciences campus of the University of Padua and to its University Hospital, thus facilitating basic and clinical science collaborative relationships.

Twenty Principal Investigators, most holding academic appointments at the University of Padua, coordinate more than 150 trainees (postdocs, residents, fellows, post-graduates, under-graduate students) from 20 countries, with backgrounds in medicine, biology, engineering, physics and chemistry. This group of talented scientists works with a spirit of collegiality on several research areas: mitochondrial dynamics and medicine, cardiovascular and muscular pathobiology, biology and immunology of cancer, neuroscience and neurodegeneration, metabolism and bioengineering. Most young researchers also hold appointments with the University.

VIMM is a self-sustained Institute, operations of which depend on liberalities, grants from Bank Foundations and overheads from managed grants (from University, Ministries of Research and Health, National and European Research Council, Telethon, AIRC, Armenise Foundation, and other charities). VIMM is endowed with cutting- edge core facilities/equipment and services including microscopy, flow cytometry, animal housing for mice etc., which are self-sustained and run on a fee basis.

The Scientific Director, in compliance with the laws and statutory regulations of VIMM, defines and oversees the research strategy of the Institute, and is responsible for the following actions:

• Coordination of the scientific activities, development, and growth of interdisciplinary research programs and facilities in close collaboration with the PIs. S/he will expand the advancement of collaborative basic and translational science projects.
• Recruitment and development of faculty, including mentoring, promotion and career development of young investigators committed to advancing biomedical research.
• Recommendation of junior PI promotion or termination to the FRBA board.
• Attendance to the FRBA Board without voting position, according to the FRBA bylaw.
• Commitment of funds, resources and spaces related to scientific operations of the Institute, based on the deliberations of the FRBA Board in terms of annual budget allocation, and in agreement with President and Administrative Director.
• Periodical interactions with the international Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to ensure the overall quality of the researches in progress. S/he also provides suitable information to the FRBA and the SAB concerning the scientific activities and achievements.
• Proposals’ formulation and issue of opinions as expected by the bylaw.
• Community engagement and outreach, development, and fundraising according to VIMM strategic priorities. The Director is the Science Ambassador of VIMM; s/he will foster proactive relationships with the community of supporters.

Candidate Qualifications
Education: MD and/or Ph.D. is required.
The candidate will be an internationally acknowledged scientist with a proven track-record of excellence in biomedical research and management.

Specific requirements:
• An overall significant scientific leadership experience and demonstrated success as a manager at the Chair, Director, or Program Leader level gained within a clinical or research center.
• The ability to bring innovation, change, and success to an organization at both the productivity and acknowledgment levels.
• A proven ability to think strategically and motivate investigators and staff toward the overall success of the research.
• Demonstrated ability to articulate a cross-disciplinary vision to promote and integrate basic and translational research, according to the mission of VIMM.
• Outstanding track record of significant continuous self-funding and top-level peer-reviewed publications, invited presentations in international conferences and awards.
• Ability to grow revenue and attract external funding from institutions and liberalities.
• Strong track record of integrity, credibility, in accordance with the Ethical Code, as well as reputation in the international scientific community and a demonstrated capacity to build trusting relationships, with a confident style, friendly and genuine attitude at all levels.

Recruiting process
Selection procedures will be managed by an independent external Selection Committee, who will shortlist a group of suitable candidates for the FRBA board. The FRBA board will be in charge of appointing the Scientific Director, having heard the opinion of the board of PIs. The term of the appointment is three years and may be reconfirmed for a maximum of two further terms.
The Scientific Director’s salary will be negotiated by the FRBA board according to the duties and the exclusivity of the position. It will also be possible to negotiate additional positions for research personnel.

The new director will have his/her own lab space within VIMM and is expected to continue to conduct his/her high-level research program, preferably within the scientific fields already represented at VIMM.

Applications, including a full Curriculum Vitae (one only pdf file), are accepted until March 15th, 2021, but we encourage candidates to apply as soon as possible, mailing to: human.resources@fondbiomed.it