The VIMM flow cytometry Facility offers state of the art flow cytometry instrumentation, technical expertise, assisted acquisition and user training. Technical Staff with in-depth knowledge in multi parametric phenotyping, analysis of cell cycle, cell death and apoptosis, as well as in the measurement of fluorescent proteins assist the users throughout the procedure.

The Flow Cytometry Facility is equipped with the following instruments:

FACSCanto™ II configured with 3 lasers. This system is an easy-to-use benchtop analyzer and it can detect up to 8 colors. It features a true fixed alignment flow cell and the optical system maximizes signal detection and increases sensitivity and resolution for each color in a multicolor assay.

FACSCanto™ I

FACSAria™ IIIu Cell Sorting configured with 4 lasers and 20 detectors, it measures 18 colors simultaneously. Nozzles are available in four sizes: 70, 85, 100, and 130 microns to sort a wide range of particle sizes. This system supports a wide range of applications in immunology, genomics, cellular and molecular oncology, stem cell research and fluorescent organic nanoparticles technology.

FACSAria™ IIIu Cell Sorting


Services provided


  1. Direct access to instruments,
  2. Assisted acquisition,
  3. Data analysis.


  1. Assisted sorting of primary cells, stem cells and cell lines, until to 4 sorted subpopulations simultaneously,
  2. Bulk or single cell,
  3. Data analysis.


  1. Fundaments of Flow-cytometry.
  2. Mono- or Multi-parametric staining, acquisition and analysis,
  3. Cell cycle or Proliferation Assays acquisition and analysis,
  4. Software (Cell Quest, Diva and FlowJo).

Anna Cabrelle, PhD

Ph +39 049 7923261
V.I.M.M. via Orus 2, 35129, Padova
Building G, 2nd floor.