A new result was achieved by the group directed by prof. Francesco Piazza, VIMM group leader and lecturer in Blood Diseases at the University of Padua, engaged in the research of pathbiology of lymphomas and myeloma.

The study, published by Dr. Sabrina Manni in the journal Frontiers in Oncology, summarizes the group’s most recent work against Mantle Cell Lymphoma (MCL), a haematological neoplasm of B lymphocytes, the cells of the fundamental immune system. for the antibody response.

Mantle cell lymphoma accounts for about 6-8% of all malignant B lymphomas and mainly affects males and the elderly, but can occur in all age groups. It is a lymphoma with an aggressive clinical course and today difficult to cure, characterized by initial responses to therapy but almost invariably by continuous relapses.

The VIMM researchers led by prof. Piazza found that a protein kinase, called CK1 alpha, is essential for the survival and proliferation of MCL cells, because it helps keep an important cascade of B-cell receptor-dependent intracellular biochemical reactions (B-cell receptor) active.