The 13th Fioretti Manzin Research Award will take place on Wednesday 15 July at 5 pm in the Seminar Room of VIMM in Via Orus 2 – Padua.

The three winners of this edition are: Nicola Moro (Mongillo group), Nicoletta Surdo (Lefkimmiatis group) and Andrea Zangrossi (Corbetta group). Positively evaluated by a committee created ad hoc on the occasion of the VIMM Retreat 2020, the winners distinguished themselves for the quality of their research in the field of molecular cardiology, the study of cellular signals and neuroscience.

These young researchers will be the protagonists of the event and will hold a short seminar on their research for the occasion.

Research is strategic to limit people’s suffering – says Ms Luisa Fioretti Manzin – and supporting it means contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of all“: an opportunity for researchers who want to continue to carry out research in Italy and an example to follow for all those who understand the importance of supporting the Veneto Institute of Molecular Medicine, a true national and international excellence.