During the visit of the President of the Senate to the VIMM, Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati was able to discover the equipment available in our Institute and meet the researchers.
The visit on June 25th began at 12.00 with the arrival of the President. Waiting for her, the Mayor of Padua Giordani, the President of the Province Bui, the Prefect Franceschelli and the Commander of the Carabinieri Force Bernardini. With them also the Health Regional Councilor Marcato and the Senator De Poli.

From the podium of the VIMM Seminar Room, President Casellati spoke as follows: «We must invest in research for the economic and social rebirth of a country exhausted by the pandemic. Too many companies are on their knees and millions of families in difficulty. We rely on our scientists and give our researchers resources, tools, career prospects, to be able to express their potential . We have also had proof of this in these dramatic months during which VIMM, together with the University of Padua and the Veneto Region, have rapidly developed and tested new and promising drug therapies against Covid-19 “.

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Elisabetta Casellati President of Senate

"Here at VIMM there is excellence. The implementation of the most modern technologies, at the service of both basic and clinical research, allows for the development of cutting-edge and immediately applicable solutions for the treatment of many serious diseases."

After the President’s speech, it was the turn of the Rector of Padua University, Rizzuto: “We are proud of the VIMM, as citizens and as scientists. But we are also a university, the VIMM represents the future. It grew thanks to the quality of its research, today it is a successful institution in loyal collaboration with the University “.

Professor Pagano concluded with a call to support research. “For Italy, research means oil, it is not just an advancement in knowledge, but an economic fallout. Politics should be committed on the economic front, at the moment Italy employs less than 1% of GDP for research. Other countries arrive at 3 ».

After the exchange of gifts between Casellati and Pagano, the visit of VIMM laboratories. Here, President Casellati met the researchers, observed with her own eyes the functioning mechanisms of the experiments and the advanced instruments available in the center. At the end of the visit, our young researchers gave a symbolic present to the President, which recalls the importance of research funding.