Keynote lecture of Prof. Stefano Schiaffino, the VIMM Emeritus Principal Investigator and Professor Emeritus of the University of Padua, at the 12th Munich Muscle Meeting, the conference organized by the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

The conference will be held online on Tuesday 15 December 2020, starting at 4.00 pm, and will alternate Рafter the presentation by Prof. Schiaffino introduced by Prof. Henning Wackerhage from TUM Рother short interventions by Sander Verbrugge from TUM, André Tomalka from the University of Stuttgart and Vanessa Todorow of the Friedrich-Baur Institute in Munich.

The talk by Prof. Schiaffino, entitled “Fiber types in skeletal muscle: from antimyosin antibodies to single fiber proteomics … and beyond”, will focus on the characterization of the different types of fibers present in human skeletal muscle, starting from studies with antibodies anti-myosin developed in Padua up to the proteomic analysis of single fibers carried out in collaboration between Padua and Munich, and to the proteomics of the junctions between muscles and tendons, the result of the collaboration between Padua and Copenhagen.
Finally, he will touch on the extraordinary perspectives opened by the new RNA-seq approaches, which allow to characterize the RNAs derived from single muscle nuclei.