Our laboratory mainly focusses on characterizing and subsequently manipulating pathways involved in induction of senescence, as a novel therapeutic approach in treatment of PTEN-deficient prostate tumors. Prostate cancer (PCa) at advanced stage is extremely irresponsive to conventional and targeted therapies, where chemotherapy remains of palliative benefit. These tumors often harbor PTEN-loss, which results in poor prognosis and therapy-resistance. While acute loss of PTEN induces senescence response both in vitro and in vivo, termed Pten-loss induced cellular senescence (PICS), we aim to identify novel enhancers and their target genes involved in modulating PICS. Importantly, even though senescence is demonstrated to restrict tumorigenesis in vivo, prolonged accumulation of such senescent tumor cells, have been reported to have a negative impact on the tumor microenvironment thereby allowing its progression. Thus, we aim to identify small molecule inhibitors that can selectively eliminate senescent-tumor cells. Our final aim is to implement, in tandem, a ‘Pro-senescence approach’ followed by ‘Senolytic therapy’.