Young researchers from the Veneto Institute of Molecular Medicine (VIMM) protagonists of the sixth edition of the SIRC Forum, entitled “New Roads in Cardiovascular Research” and held in Bari at the beginning of July.
They are Arianna Scalco (University of Padua and VIMM) and Filippo Conca (University of Pavia and VIMM), winners of the award for the “best oral presentation”, and Daniele Ottaviani (University of Padua and VIMM), winner of the first edition of the “Tito Mancardi” award.

The SIRC Forum – Italian Society of Cardiovascular Research – organized in collaboration with the Department of Biosciences, Biotechnologies and Biopharmaceuticals of the University of Bari, is a biennial event of great importance, conceived and organized for young researchers in the cardiovascular field, where given space and visibility to doctoral students and junior postdocs.

In addition to the awards and presentation moments, the study day was organized around three major symposia (Cardiac Funcion and Dysfunction – with chairman Konstantinos Lefkimmiatis of the University of Pavia and of the VIMM -, Endothelium, Platelets and Coagulation and Cardiovascular Prevention), as well as a plenary lecture entitled “Tumor Angiogenesis. A still debated question “, held by Prof. Domenico Ribatti of the University of Bari, one of the leading international experts in angiogenesis.