Scientists at VIMM are driven by ingenuity, curiosity, and passion, to deliver cutting-edge research. They are provided with state-of-the-art facilities and hosted in open space labs, fully equipped and ready to use. This allows our scientists to focus on their core mission: do excellent science to discover new treatments and improve healthy ageing. Our scientists tackle the following diseases:

Cardiovascular Diseases

At VIMM, we delve into the basic mechanisms of heart function and dysfunction, combining molecular biology with advanced physiology and tissue engineering.

Integrated research programmes try to address the basic mechanisms and the pathophysiological consequences of diabetes, obesity and of their complications.

To improve healthy ageing and sustain muscle force in the elderly population, our scientists are characterizing the molecular mechanisms responsible for muscle mass maintenance and loss.

Our scientists delve into the mechanisms of neuronal function and dysfunction at the molecular, cellular and mesoscale, to combat the neurodegenerative disorders affecting an ageing population.

By studying basic mechanisms of cancer formation or by performing translational research into hematological and solid cancers, our scientists aim at providing novel anti cancer therapies.