“Science rocks! Science does not stop”: this is the motto of the 2020 edition of Venetonight – Researchers’ Night which will take place tomorrow, November 27th.

The initiative is part of the “European Researchers’ Night”, born in 2005 on the initiative of the European Commission, and represents the most important international dissemination event. Through experiments, interviews, games, quizzes, informative webinars and interactive meetings, researchers pursue a single goal: to bring citizens closer to science.

In Padua, Venetonight will start at 9.15 am and will last until the evening. As with previous editions, the conception of content and dissemination formats is the work of the researchers of the University of Padua and its main research partners, including VIMM. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year it was not possible to set up the traditional “Research Village”, inside the courtyards of Palazzo Bo and in the center of Padua. However, in order not to lose the spirit with which the event was born, of comparison and dialogue, a total of 32 informative webinars and 35 interactive meetings (with registration on https://venetonightpadova.it/) are planned, many of which can be used by kids and children. More than 90 videos will also be available indefinitely, including bits of science and expert interviews.

As mentioned, VIMM will also participate. Onelia Gagliano, from Nicola Elvassore’s group, will be the protagonist of a video entitled “What are the main tests for Covid?”. The researcher will guide the audience into the sophisticated world of diagnostics, including swabs, serologicals and interpretation of results.