The third Summer School, organized by the University of Padua and sponsored by our Institute for ShangaiTech University, will begin on August 19th. Our institute’s relationship with China grows from week to week.

The school, directed by our Professor Emeritus Ernesto Carafoli, is the fruit of the protocol of scientific and teaching collaboration signed between the University of Padua and the ShangaiTech University, which provides a path of high education on the main themes of Italian culture, both scientific and humanities, from the past to modern times. The school is divided into 3 weeks, during which 25 Chinese students from the courses of biology, physics, computer science and materials science take part in the lessons and discover our culture with enthusiasm. 

The Course will be organised in three separate locations: Venice for the first portion, Asiago for the second and Padova for the final third. In Venice students will learn about Art, spanning from music to visual art, architecture and literature. The setting of the second part of the Course will be the quaint little city of Asiago, a renowned mountain vacation resort where the University of Padova has its Astronomical Observatory. Finally, four days will be dedicated to Padova, to visit VIMM, University Institutes and some of the city’s most important cultural landmarks.

The Course will be open to Italian students who will audit the lectures, in order to promote contacts between Chinese and Italian students and strengthen the overall academic relationship. Considering Shanghai Tech’s requirements for student credits, the total number of lectures in the course (considering the minimum 80% of lectures the student must take) will add up to 3 credit points.

A final official ceremony will be held at the University of Padova, in one of its historical halls, on August 5th. On such occasion, students will be given a certificate attesting their participation in the Summer School.

Here the full program of the School >>

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