Tuesday June 12th 2018 at 5pm
VIMM Seminar Room | Via Orus, 2 (Padua)

Prof. Maurizio Corbetta (VIMM Principal Investigator)

‘The brain as a network, and what we can try to fix it when broken’

Advances in the last two decades have shown that the brain is a complex dynamic system similar to other complex systems like the internet, Facebook, etc. Corbetta will show why the brain is organized as a network, and how this network organization is affected by lesions, specifically stroke. The effect of these lesions can be modeled on a computer with the long-term goal of finding a way to rebalance or restore a more normal network organization. This challenge is achievable in the next 10 years.

After the Seminar, Mrs Manzin awarded three young researchers for the best presentations at VIMM Retreat:

  • Anais Franco RomeroIdentification of a novel FoxO-dependent regulator of muscle mass (lab Sandri)
  • Simona FranciaOdorant receptors at the axon termini act as axon guidance molecules activated by cues elaborated in the olfactory bulb (lab Lodovichi)
  • Marilena CarrinoProtein kinase CK1α modulates prosurvival autophagy in Multiple Myeloma (lab Piazza)